General Affair (GA) Assistant Manager / Manager

Full Time

Job Description

1. Overall understanding of GA work process, employee benefits and knowing what to do with it.
;s schedule and assist it accordingly.
3. Budgeting the entire cost of employee benefits and excute it as well as unplanned expenses.
4. Reviewing and making contract with subcontractor related to walfare (cafeteria, commuter bus, workers dormitory).
5. Purchasing and procurement of office supplies. Making inventories of office supplies listed by the station and the department.
6. Understanding of security work process and build the system of slecting security device, agency, security staff training and emergency response.
7. Maintain an adequate inventory of operation supplies (changing room, uniform, shoes racks) and proper recording of all assets.
8. Process the proper invertory of purchasing and washing dust-free wear and maintain the smock room.
9. Select the cleaning service resource for the entire company and making Check list and training sesstion for well maintaining.
10. Company event management and assit the relavent department in serving VIP or customers visit.
11. Select the quarantine service resource and supervise them periodically.
12. Storage the work related document by department in store room and maintain it properly
13. Maintain and repairing the training room, broadcast device, signages, name plate for entire company.
14. Systematize the employee welfare process by task.
15. Good problem solving skill and highly responsible. Reporting the process frequently to HOD.
; Lodging, Tranportation, Ground handling etc.
17. Expatriate EP/PVP application, renewal etc (inbound) and tax clearance (outbound)
18. Setting up and maintenance of employees’ pantry, prayers’ room, store room, reception counter, in-house clinic, rest area/discussion corners, office furniture etc
19. Working with HR -IR/ER to strategize the company’s branding activities e.g., new hire welcome gift, coordinate foremployees’ gift and souvenir etc.
20. To ensure the surrounding of the company premises (Both internal and external) are in order, clean and presentable at all times.

Degree in Business Administration/Human Resources/Public Administration or any Management discipline

10-15 years work experience in General Affair, well verse with the entire process and supervise the team

Key Skills/ Knowledges/ Attributes:
Have deep knowledge of General Affair management and good interpersonal skills. Consistent approach towards tasks with dedication attitude.

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