IT Manager

Full Time

Job Description

1. Oversee and supervise the team consisting of server, network and cloud administration & support.

2. It coordinates work between team members and departments and creates a work environment to prevent conflicts

3. Perform thorough vulnerability analysis and security management of each system in operation.

4. The harmful parts of the company, such as security and intellectual property rights, are communicated to employees through periodic publicity so that they can know

5. Ensure the state of the security-related system should always be up to date

6. Prioritize solving IT-related situations that cause inconvenience to the manufacturing field.

7. Ensure system inspection matters by engineers is performed periodically and assigning substitute if main person-in charge is absent.

8. Ensure server successful operations for replication, backup, and recovery.

9. Purchase equipment purchases and select maintenance companies according to proper protocol.

10. Continuously manage and prevent data loss and leakage due to internal/external attacks, and data leakage by employees.

11. Identify the personality, skills, and abilities of each team member so that synergy can be created between each team member by assigning suitable team members for tasks.

12. Create an environment where team members can grow and develop together through regular interviews internally.

13. Attend to ad-hoc or emergency cases related to servers or IT generally.

14. Share the vision of the meeting and the team with the team members for work focus and direction.

Minimum Advanced Diploma/Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, IT Engineering or any related field

Hands-on and having >10 years of IT system operation experience and
> 5 years of IT system design experience (Server, Network, Security) and
> 5 years of employee management

Key Skills/ Knowledges/ Attributes:
Possess overall theoretical and hands-on skills in IT
Posses inspection and analysis skills of each IT equipment
Possess overall technical skills in IT such as Server, Network, Security, DBA, Cloud, etc
Willing to learn new technologies, etc in IT and pass it on to colleagues
Possess skills to link between overseas branches (communication, technology)
Possess skills to collaborate with the users in manufacturing field

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